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Frederick A (Pa) Cousins joined th Club 1927 and practiced both lightweight and permanent tent camping. He served as a member of the Chertsey Club Site Committee and he was appointed Camp Steward during the war years. Elected a National Councillor in 1936 he took an active part in the revival of the Association of Cycle Campers. Fred become Club Chairman in 1960 until 1962. In 1964 Fred was elected Club Treasurer and served until 1971

The original commemorative tree became diseased and was felled some years ago. After consultation with various experts and the Club’s Site Management Team, a Sorbus Joseph Rock (Rowan) tree, which  produces a distinctive yellow berry, was selected and planted by members of the South Eastern Region, 18th February 2018. This coincided with the South Eastern Region’s 70th Anniversary Year.

The planting ‘team,’ from left to right - front row;  

Julie & David Barrett (Club Vice President), Irene & Darrell  Stubbs (Club Vice-President), Jenny Croney (S.E. Region Chairman), Sue Moore (SE Region Countryside Care Officer). second row; Ros & Allen Russell, (S.E. Region Councillors), Alan & Chris Armstrong (S.E. Region Councillors) David Croney (S.E. Region Treasurer), Hazel Stone (Club Member) - with Ollie. Des Stone (behind the Camera).

The original commemorative plaque had also become too weather beaten and tarnished to be re-used. A new plaque was made and installed when the replacement tree was planted on that chilly Sunday in February.

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