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South Eastern Region




Each year, the South Eastern Region’s Anniversary Meet has a themed weekend. The meet events are arranged around the theme, including a Fancy Dress Competition and event pennon design, open to all campers.

This is your chance to show off your imagination and talent for design by suggesting the theme for the Anniversary Meet next year.

Helpful Guidelines

The competition is open to all Members of the Camping and Caravanning Club and designs should be submitted to the Regalia Officer by Friday evening of the Anniversary Meet (17th May 2018), or via your D.A. & Sections Preps to Region Council. Alternatively, entries can be emailed to the address below but no later than 10th May 2019 please.

The theme for the event will be: Your Choice

The date for the Anniversary Meet is: 15th - 20th May 2019

The Venue: West Cross Park, Hole Park, Rolvenden, Kent TN17 4PF.

Design to include:   

“South Eastern Region 72nd Anniversary Meet”

The Title of your chosen theme

A position for the Club Logo (The printers will insert the correct logo)


Maximum of TWO Ink Colours on a white background

Alternatively, ONE ink Colour on a coloured background

The inclusion of more than the maximum number of colour permitted may mean your pennon design would have to be withdrawn or disqualified. Hand drawn designs are welcomed but may be computer enhanced for the final design. All entries will be judged by members attending the 71st Anniversary Meet 2019.

Please include you Membership Number, full name and contact details on the reverse of your design. For further information please contact: Yvonne Leach, Regalia Officer S.E. Region.


Good Luck!